Dating on the isle of wight

Do feel free to pop in & meet the team, we always like an excuse for a chat & a cuppa!Wight Island Escapes care about what our customers think and we’re delighted to let you have the last word…We can offer this for both Red Funnel & Wightlink ferry crossings.

We are an independent company focussed on providing the highest level of support for our guests.

Our office is located in the ancient 'Kynges Towne' of Brading, once an important Island port & dating back to the Roman period.

Admission tickets to the Dinosaur Isle museum are available from the Ships Stores onboard or when making a ferry booking online.

Period: Pre-history For much of its geological history, recorded in rock formations up to 120 million years old, the Isle of Wight was part of a much greater landmass that was periodically submerged.

The Longstone is one of just three surviving field monuments from the Neolithic period on the Isle of Wight.

The others are a mortuary enclosure, where the dead were left exposed until the bones had been picked clean before burial (on Tennyson Down), and a long barrow on Afton Down.The earliest human activity in Britain took place during the Pleistocene epoch.The oldest known Isle of Wight site is at Priory Bay, St Helens, where flint hand axes and other implements have been found.Period: Pre-history The impressive standing stone on the high ground above Mottistone is the Island's oldest landmark relic of human activity.Dating from the New Stone Age (around 4,000 - 2,400 BC), it was part of a communal burial site called a long barrow.These have been dated to 425,000 - 300,000 years ago.


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