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The Assistant Commissioner had stood up also, slender and flexible.

She had a long, flexible white neck, and the pose of her head was charming.

I walked back home through the park in the twilight and then stopped by the library after having taken a detour.

I found a stock of books hidden away somewhere on languages being taught at secondary school level.

decent 1530s, "proper to one's station or rank," also "tasteful," from M. I mean the mounted and disreputable portion, not the decent infantry.

That kind of folks never do get killed; it's the decent ones. If she had, now, she might cure some decent girl of her infatuation. dacasyati "shows honor, is gracious," dacati "makes offerings, bestows"). He seems too decent to marry that way—and yet it's the only way I could marry him. Such is the so-called intelligence of Instagram and its programming. Yet the constant stream of videos suggests that the algorithms which run on Instagram have picked me out as one of her most constant and excitable fans.One wonders how much the story revealed the experiences of the author as someone whose third language was English. The story was interesting because there were a series of contrasts between three figures in relation to magic.

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