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” It’s weird when you’ve researched the crap out of only fifty percent of your guests. Justin (who himself is a musician and music exec) and Jack go way back and having Justin there brought a fun dimension to the interview since he was able to provide another perspective and first hand account of many of the topics we touched upon including Jack’s investment in rock and roll bars, his relationships and friendships with Holly Madison and Abigail Breslin, his dating habits, writing new material, anorexic aliens, a bathtub full of cheese, black Amex cards, how he met Holly, breakups, whether he’s still just a guy from Baltimore, how someone becomes big in Japan, major labels, signing a record deal in high school, partying, chasing a hit single, Bod body spray and what his bandmates smell like, recording his podcast on the road, his childhood, fleeing war torn Beirut when he was a baby, music theory, Rivers Cuomo and so much more.

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star and the rocker, who hooked up on Twitter, have split following a short-lived affair.

"I can confirm Holly and Jack are no longer dating," Holly's rep told E! "Their decision to split was both mutual and amicable."And that explains why she was rolling without him this weekend...

I’m working Christmas Day with the show at Planet Hollywood, and he’ll be with his family back East, but we’re both definitely hoping to see New Year’s in together.

It was great he was here for my birthday.” Jack and Holly had an early dinner in a private dining room at Lavo with her and TV show pal Josh Strickland.

We’ve taken it slowly, but we have been having fun ever since -- and I’m very happy. We both understand we’ve both got showbiz careers, and that means we don’t spend a lot of time together.

He came with me on my vacation, and I’ll be honest: I like him a lot. He lives in Baltimore but gets to spend a lot of time in Los Angeles, so I hop over when he’s there, and he hops over here, too.

The reality star and her All Time Low rocker Jack Barakat (who's never seen without product in his hair) have called it quits after a short romance -- after meeting via Twitter.

"I can confirm Holly and Jack are no longer dating," Holly's rep told E! "Their decision to split was both mutual and amicable."That pretty much explains why she was partying solo this weekend in Las Vegas with dudes like Brody Jenner (who's happily coupled with Avril Lavigne) and her Madison didn't seem like she was missing her man too much when she posed with fans, danced, and even joined Jenner in the DJ booth at the Chateau nightclub bash this weekend.

“We kept it out of the public spotlight because we had no reason to flaunt it and get caught up in a media circus.” Holly and pop punk rocker Jack Barakat posed together at Lavo in the Palazzo and Tao in The Venetian when the platinum blond reality TV star had her first advance celebration last week of her 31st birthday, which is Dec. Vegas De had hinted about the romance when Jack, who is the vocalist and guitarist for All Time Low, joined Holly on her Florida vacation in September.


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