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The food at Krog Street Market isn’t known for being inexpensive (don’t blame them; that’s some costly real estate), but Suzy Siu’s Baos has Taiwanese-inspired street buns for under each, and they have a deal where you can get all six baos on the menu (Korean BBQ brisket, fried chicken, etc.) for . Step your sweets game up to Paris-level luxurious at Amorino, where gelato artists will shape delicious flavors of frosty sweet cream into edible flower petals.

Also get the French/Italian café’s macaroons, gelato cakes, pastries, and even their version of pancakes and waffles for breakfast, if things really work out.

Until it closes, there will never be a better date night deal than Atlanta’s legendary drive-in theater.

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brewmaster Mitch Steele, New Realm is an instant contender in the world of ATL-brewed beer.

They also have a $7 stout chocolate cake that’ll make you and everyone that eats it sexy as hell.

Until February 18, Atlantic Station will host “the Southeast's largest outdoor skating rink" at Skate the Station.

It’s $15 per person, so hopefully going Dutch won’t result in a cold shoulder after your romantic chances fall flat.

You still can’t beat Kimball House in terms of oyster freshness, flavor, and financial accessibility, since those delicious bivalves are half-priced on weekdays between 5pm and 7pm.

You might not be able to go crazy on the cocktails (maybe get beer or something), but you should easily be able to split six or so with someone special.

Trying to go on a winter date with someone after a savage holiday season’s decimation of your bank account.

Then end the walk with a wine tasting at Wine Shoe, or if your potential partner likes cigars, have a smoke at Habanos.

If you’re lucky enough to be dating someone who loves beer as much as you do, hit ATL’s highly anticipated, brand-new brewery.


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