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Another complainant wrote that the ad was offensive because 'milf' is used as a “collective term for women who, despite having had children and no longer being young, are still attractive and, in a younger man's eyes, sexy”.

A third complaint argued that the Friggs ad was sexist because it implied that women who have had children should care for their bodies in a manner that “keeps them sexually attractive”.

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In a ruling issued on Wednesday, the Swedish Advertising Ombudsman (Reklamombudsmannen – RO) said that a campaign which referred to the Friggs-brand Naturdiet Shake as a “Milfshake” wasn't “offensive, sexist, stereotying, or in any other way degrading” toward women.

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“The fact that the term 'milf' had its origins as a term used in the porn industry, but which has been 'kidnapped' in a positive way by regular people” was one of the reasons why Friggs chose to use the term in the advert.

The company added, however, that it was sorry if the campaign bothered some consumers.

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