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Once out of the bus, virtually every one of the workers took the chance for a last cigarette before entering the plant for the start of the 7am shift.At the same time, workers in other buses arrived from all over Norfolk and Suffolk, some to work for Bernard Matthews, others for Forza.Mario Bardwell, a director of OSR Recruitment, refused to discuss the email when approached by The Mail on Sunday.

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It is also reported that British workers had spoken of difficulty in registering with employment agencies that supply mainly East European workers.

Shadow Immigration Minister Damian Green said the advert exposed the hollowness of Gordon Brown’s pledge to create ‘British jobs for British workers’. ’The advert was signed Katrina Massingham, the company’s ‘industrial team leader’ and it was dispatched to hundreds of potential applicants on the firm’s books.

The turkey producer was able to offer spare capacity as its busiest time is some months away.

There is no other connection between the two firms.

Forza is a leading supplier to supermarkets, and holds a multi-million- pound contract to supply the majority of Asda’s cooked meat range.

Led by £780,000-a-year Max Hilliard, once described as the most powerful man in the British pig industry, it has a £140million turnover and 600 employees.

Earlier, OSR also posted the advert in Polish in several of the Eastern European shops in East Anglia.

In one, the manageress took the ad over the phone, and – when asked to translate it from English – was surprised to hear the line about needing to speak Polish.‘It was weird, and I assumed it was a mistake,’ she said. So I translated that part as “English not necessary” instead.

As dawn broke over a rainswept Norwich on Friday, Mail on Sunday reporters watched as ten Eastern Europeans who had been hired after answering the advert gathered outside a John Lewis store waiting for the 6am bus to take them to their long shift.


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