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While many lenders advertise guaranteed approval, they usually require proof of income.

In many cases, customers must have an active checking account.

If you are looking for a bad credit loan in Canada, Prudent Financial is a good place to find small loans of up to ,000.

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Customers are offered home equity loans with long amortization periods of up to 40 years.

Easy Financial offers debt consolidation and personal loans to help clients reestablish credit.

Capital Direct is another lending service that provides home equity loans and lines of credit to pay one-time, recurring, or unexpected expenses.

Borrowers are offered lines of credit with variable repayment schedules and rates and debt consolidation options.

This is not a real estate post, but the fallout of the declining real estate has direct implications on the ability of the average Canadian to access personal credit.

The first victims of declining real estate values are of course people who rely on home equity lines of credit and refinancing to pay their bills and expensive to service credit card debt.

Clients are offered a bad credit personal loan of 0 to ,000.

The company advertises flexible and convenient payment options.

You can still get a small bad credit personal loan from alternative lenders, but they come with much higher interest attached, and should be used only as last resort.

Although many Canadians would hate to admit it the real estate boom of the last 15 years is now over.

They usually offer short-term loans and a convenient and fast application process.


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