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Nor would he confirm any individual player’s involvement.

It’s the second police investigation the hockey club is currently facing: in February, as many as half a dozen Olympiques players were allegedly involved in an indecent act with a woman in the bathroom of a Gatineau Boston Pizza. Two players from the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees hockey team, Guillaume Donovan and David Foucher, were charged with sexual assault in August after an incident in Thunder Bay in early February 2014.

A task force at the university, commissioned in part because of the allegations, recommended all varsity athletes and coaches participate in sexual harassment training.“Guys in gangs,” such as men’s sports teams, can become tribal, contributing to the prevalence of rape in that world, said Peter Donnelly, a professor in the faculty of kinesiology and physical education at the University of Toronto and the director of the Centre for Sports Policy Studies.

Giphy Ashton and Demi's problems were less about the age difference and more about her insecurity and his infidelity.

Demi Moore may have set the stage for the "Cougar Era", but her self-esteem issues were not consistent with those of the typical cougar.

A cougar is a hunter who preys on an innocent younger man. Some guys are naturally drawn to older women like any other physical "type," such as preferring blondes to brunettes.

A cougar exudes self-confidence, which makes her a highly desirable conquest to a younger man.The "Urban Dictionary" states: "Cougars are gaining in popularity — particularly the true hotties — as young men find not only a sexual high, but many times a chick with her shit together." I like to think of a cougar as a confident, independent, young-spirited woman who happens to prefer the company of younger men.Here are 10 common myths about cougars in the dating world, and the REAL facts that totally debunk them:1.This tweet, later removed, sparked chat on social media about allegations of sexual assault involving Cobourg Cougars players.Team GM Brent Tully said the twitter account was in no way affiliated with the team or its players.But for better or worse, it's in the lexicon, which means that the idea that older women can still be sexy — and sexual — is out there, too.


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