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In this audio clip, he talks about his flights in a customer’s Bearhawk and compares the flight characteristics of the Helio to our Bearhawk Mike Araldi Report Date: Sat, -0700 The Bearhawk has about 32 hrs on it now, and is performing flawlessly so far! I’ve been able to induct 7 new BH pilots, and they all agree…’s one of the best all around airplanes they’ve ever flown.I went with a Monty Barrett balanced IO 540X and a MT 3 bladed prop, extremely smooth combination. This winter I have really been missing building on an airplane, but after flying the Bearhawk the last few days, what can I improve on?He has done amazing flight demonstrations of the Helio Courier at Oshkosh, and checks their new pilots out in the Helio which is famous for its short field capabilities.

Anr dating

The cabin actually “feels” wider than the RV-7 or a Bonanza (wife’s observation) since the cabin overhead isn’t arched. Pilot Dave took off in a near three point, slightly lifting the tailwheel before rotation, then rotating what looked like maybe 5 deg above the 3 point attitude. Combined with VERY light controls in pitch and roll and there might be a perception of higher adverse yaw. Roll rate may not be RV like, but the control forces seemed lighter. Pitch forces are nicely proportional to roll, great control harmony.

Something that I noticed after the fact is how solid the airplane felt…It is stout. Seems like about an inch of fwd displacement off trim was needed to hold the nose down. The rudder is powerful, so even if the peddles feel heavy…very little displacement was needed to coordinate turns. 6 Years of Aviation neglect will make one rusty and ham-fisted. Rolling in 45deg bank or more, like an RV seems natural and effortless.

Instead of us extolling the virtues of its flight characteristics, please read and listen to the comments of pilots (who have nothing to do with our company) who have flown the Bearhawk.

Click here to download the Spin Evaluation report Roger Krenzin – chief pilot for the JAARS missionary group.

I am amazed; the guys in Mexico are doing some quality work.

As said before, the Bearhawk is a bit deceptive…it’s bigger than it looks.I’m using it for ranch work mostly now,checking cattle, water, etc. We had to clean the mud off of the tailwheel before we took off. She said when they took off she kept waiting for him to pull the throttle back and abort the takeoff.But I can usually get a couple of landing and takeoffs in each time too. She was sure there was something wrong with the airplane.All of this took place with three people on board, with only one who was close to FAA normal male weight, and about 3/4 fuel.I won’t comment on ground handling qualities at take-off or landing as I did not have control of the aircraft at those times.As a back country hauler for your hunting trips or as a weekend family cruiser, the Bearhawk can be whatever you want it to be.


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