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The first land grant was issued in 1794 to Nellie Grant, the daughter of Alexander Grant, a prominent colonial administrator. Bancks named the area for his ancestral home Bewdley, Worcestershire, England when he attempted to found an ill-fated gentlemen's colony and sawmill at Cold Creek.

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By land and water we flourish is an expression of the Township's history and ongoing character, as well as its motto.

The township has a rural charm and consists of six hamlets Baltimore, Bewdley, Camborne, Cold Springs, Gore's Landing and Harwood.

The area was first called Saxe Town, Sidey's Tavern, and Claverton.

The present village was named after its founder, Thomas Sinclair Gore, a civil engineer from Ireland, who built a plank road from Cobourg to his property on Rice Lake during the 1840's. For over a hundred years, Gore's Landing was an important canoe and boat-building centre.

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