Carbon 14 is not used for dating bible study dating relationships

If “modern” carbon contaminated these fossils, it would enter them as collagen!

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First, they are unexpected in any old-earth paradigm.

If nothing else, then, that should give all old-earth scientists something to think about.

Of course, one possible explanation for these results is contamination.

It is possible that “modern” carbon has infiltrated into all these samples, and that’s what is being detected. Seiler gives several lines of argument that tend to cast doubt on such an explanation.

However, I thought the most striking argument he made against the contamination explanation was his last.

He showed a graph that ordered the samples according to their amount of carbon-14, and he showed that they naturally separate into four distinct groups.

As I have noted previously, it’s a wonderful time to be a young-earth creationist.

All sorts of interesting data are being uncovered that challenge the supposedly “rock-solid” idea that the earth is billions of years old.

This means that in old-earth terminology, carbon-14 decays “quickly.” Thus, if a bone (or some other material that is made of carbon) is really millions of years old and hasn’t been contaminated, you wouldn’t expect to find any carbon-14 in it.


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