Error validating current user and server dating in haifa

NET\framework\v1.1.4322\aspnet_regiis.exe” –I to ensure it is registered primarily.

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Ensure IIS_WPG and IUSER_CORENAME users exist and permissions match a working core for these folders: wwwroot and its subfolder remote, both found in :\inetpub.

If they do NOT match, proceed to Troubleshooting NTFS Permissions If none of the above troubleshooting steps helped pinpoint the problem, proceed with each of the in depth sections below.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Configuring COM A. Specify credentials for the LANDesk COM objects by clicking on Start, going to Administrative Tools, choose Component Services, click the plus sign next to Component Services, click the plus sign next to Computers, click the plus sign next to My Computer, COM Applications, right click on LANDesk (you will also perform this task on LANDesk1), click on the Advanced Tab, place the Radial button in “Leave running when idle”, click on the Identity tab, specify a Domain Administrator and password in this user.

(This will replace LANDesk Com Plus, the new username must be in the domain\username format.) B. Create a local account on the core server Add it to the landesk management group, ensure this user has web console rights by modifying the user in the console. Specify which user to log into the web console: In IE specify other user credentials by going to Tools Internet Options, choose the Security Tab, click on Custom Level, scroll to the bottom and place the radial button in “Prompt for user name and password”.

I am having problem understanding how to implement a Facebook login workflow for my web app.

I am stuck in the validation of the user token server side. I am trying to validate the user token using the following code: You need to send App Access Token That is the error you are getting.If not, enable them and propagate to dependents when prompted. If when Browsing to the result is: The browser attempts to download instead of browsing it. Go to Properties of the Default Website, HTTP Headers Tab, and choose MIME Types. When receiving these determine if the application pool is being overwhelmed or if it is just dropping connections.2- Make sure or .as* are not listed and then remove .*. E- If getting a 404 when browsing remote or database information it could mean that the aspnet extension being used by that site is prohibited.Browse to \LANDesk\Management Suite, sort details fields by “Date Modified”, scroll down until you see the LANDesk DLL and TLB files, verify that the dates that the tlb files match the corresponding file. NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\aspnet_–i Back to top4) Comparing IIS Settings Verify IIS configuration A.If the dates do not match, run the following command on the dll’s effected: C:\Windows\Microsoft. Note: 8.7 LANDesk should tolerate later versions having been installed (2.0, 3.0) provided that 1.1 has been re-registered. IIS settings including application pools, web sites, and web service extensions can be compared manually to a working core server.This is a Comprehensive Guide for troubleshooting Web Console Error: "Unable to Validate the Current User with the Database".

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