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Live Chat It is a live support, web analytics and online marketing application for both small and large entities.

The application is also for single users to be used for personal communication.

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He/she can work smart by developing a canned response.

It is a pre-made online answers worksheet to popular questions asked on a live chat.

The responses can be accessed by visitors looking for assistance by following a few steps on the website.

Visitor Information A live chat gives all the crucial visitors information essential to close a sale.

There are numerous features of a web chat that websites users can choose.

The choice of such features is dependent on the purpose of the website and the targeted audience.

Each chat on a website can start with a customized pre-chat survey.

The survey can capture the customer’s names, email, street address, telephone number and other information.

Teen chat has given me so many opportunities to meet people from all over the world.


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