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All that remained was to find out when this was manufactured and what type of pen would be a match. Just recently I discovered two threads by Roger Wooten – Sheaffer Desk Set Expert – at the Fountain Pen Board and at Fountain Pen Network that discuss various Dog bases.

These place this Hunting Dog base in the area of 1930.

Anyway, there was little to do on this one, other than polishing the gold and cleaning the marbled base.

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I also enjoyed the section on gold conservation – suctioning the gold off the floors and through the laundry – to salvage gold dust to be reused.

For your reading pleasure ~ From my article dated May 2, 2008, Sheaffer Valiant Touchdowns, here is a photo of the large and thinner models produced before and after 1950, and the larger model taken apart.

Unfortunately, no pen was available – probably snatched many years earlier by someone only interested in pens.

Imagine that….on a matching pen for this base later.

I cleaned the barrel insides and removed all traces of the old sac and jbar. After using an xacto knife to scrape the section free of the old sac and adhesive, I used a q tip to clean the inside of the section.

I also cleaned the feed off and scraped out the channels which were filled with old ink residue.

Even though the article is dated, it is an interesting look into the manufacturing process in Fort Madison in 1950.

I picked up many interesting pieces of information.

Of particular interest to me is the fact that it took 6 weeks and 318 different operations to make a pen.

Contrast that to the mass production of items today….

For much more information on these Sheaffer Sets, I would encourage you to check out this site. In reviewing the photos it is clear that it is a Sheaffer Touchdown.


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