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Providing a self-pay price for a service is probably the least complicated." Clark added, "There is always some variability in the price of procedures due to different patient needs." Denver Health expects the law to have no effect on revenue cycle.

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It's not that patients would be making a choice between two hospitals that are four hours apart, but the sites show that trying to pin down pricing for comparison may be difficult.

Denver Health Associate CFO Christine Clark said "We do have concerns that this will make the issue more confusing to patients as there is not a 'one size fits all' approach to providing patients estimates due to the wide variability insurance plans bring to the process.

A new law in Colorado that went into effect Monday mandates hospitals to post the self-pay prices of common procedures.

The Colorado Senate bill had the motive of price transparency.

Although quality-reporting programs such as meaningful use provide incentives to help providers implement and use electronic health records (EHRs) to collect and report on clinical data, practices often need help deciding what data to collect, which measures to report ...

In healthcare, every interaction with the patient matters.

The health system is a safety-net provider that in 2017, served about 220,000 patients.

Delta County Memorial Hospital said its pricing transparency site hasn't had a lot of traffic as yet.

At Denver Health, childbirth delivery without complications is ,736.44.


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