Who is joan osborne dating

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Her foray into pop music also helped Osborne land on the cover of , the bluesy soul singer waxed poetically about her early days as a 20-something doing lofty covers of Otis Redding, Tina Turner and Muddy Waters.

“Those were the people that I wanted to sound like,” she said.

A complete new concrete walkway was built, and the new station is made completely of naturally durable timber.

The Inshore lifeboat station was rebuilt in 2014, and the interior of the offshore boathouse is accessible to visitors during set days when the station isn't on alert.

I think that when I was in my 20s, I didn’t have what I have now vocally.

It’s been cool to tackle this kind of material again.”As Osborne gets ready to play the Siren Mountain Jam (June 22 at p.m.), a celebration of women and art in Boone, N.“So, having been doing this for 20 years now, I’m kind of circling back to doing that same music again, which is sort of interesting, you know.I feel like my voice has changed, grown and gotten better.C., she talked to us about this year’s Grammy nomination, psychedelic rock and which Motown songs she’d like to be stranded on a desert island with.After Ellen.com: You were nominated for a Grammy this year, but on your website you gave major props to jazz legend Dr. Who are some of the artists who have influenced you over the years? The great blues/soul/gospel singers first and foremost, people like Etta James, Otis Redding, Ann Peebles, Howlin’ Wolf, Aretha Franklin, Mahalia Jackson.Growing up in a small town in Kentucku, it hardly seemed possible that anyone could be that cool! But your music really encompasses so much more – blues, soul, etc. JO: I’m working on an album called , and as the title suggests it’s all about romantic love.

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