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For reasons of personal safety, some staff members wish to avoid public display of their real name.

Badges are also worn at library conferences to identify attendees, by name and institution, to other participants.

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The fold along which a signature is gathered to form the binding edge of a book, left uncut in sewn bindings but trimmed in perfect binding to allow the adhesive to bond more securely.

Synonymous with In pictorial art, the parts of a scene that appear to lie in the distance, behind figures and objects in the foreground.

Back matter is paginated in arabic numerals continuously with the text.

Blank leaves may be included at the end to make up a full section.

A badge may also indicate the individual's position, enabling the patron to distinguish professionally trained librarians from members of the technical staff.

Not all libraries encourage employees to wear badges.

In a more general sense, any strategy designed to be implemented if a preferred method or system fails.

Also, to print the reverse side of a sheet that has already been printed on one side.

All the issues of a periodical that precede the current issue, usually bound in annual volumes or converted to microfilm or microfiche to conserve space.

In the catalog record, the extent of the back file is indicated in the holdings statement.

Also spelled The pages following the text at the end of a book on which the appendices, notes, bibliographies, list of contributors, indices, imprint, and any advertising normally appear.


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