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Yet in the last years of his life Sven with the Forked Beard turned to Christianity, and his son Canute the Great, who by the conquest of England created a great northern empire, established Christianity at last in his territories.

In 1035 his son-in-law the German King Conrad II gave him the Mark of Schleswig as compensation for the alliance he had maintained with Germany for many years.

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The Mark included the territory between the Eider, Schlei, and Treene.

The political separation from the German Empire was soon followed by the ecclesiastical.

A number of monasteries arose that did much for the intellectual and material development of the country; nearly thirty monasteries can be proved to have existed in the period before the Reformation.

The most important of these were the Cistercian abbeys of Lugumkloster, Guldhom, and Schleswig, the convent of St.

When in the fifth century the greater part of the Germanic population had left the region in order to seek a new home in Britain, the Danes or Jutes pushed their way into the country and the part of the Germanic population that had remained behind amalgamated with the new masters.

The Frisians were the only ones to retain their national peculiarities after losing their national independence.John for Benedictine nuns at Schleswig, the Franciscan monasteries at Hadersleben, Tondern, and Schleswig, and the Dominican monastery at Schleswig.In the course of time many of these monasteries had obtained large landed possessions, When in 1325 Duke Eric II died and left a minor son Waldemar V, King Christopher II of Denmark wished to become the guardian and thus gain control of the duchy.However, the powerful Count Gerhard III of Holstein of the Schauenburg line, who was an uncle of Waldemar, and also the latter's guardian, opposed the king.Gerhard gained control of the government, and drove Christopher out of his own kingdom.Paganism, however, regained the supremacy when Harold's son Sven with the Forked Beard, who had been a viking, returned home in 985 and overthrew his father.

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