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NINE has confirmed Kelly Rowland, Delta Goodrem and Boy George will be returning to The Voice’s famous red chairs next year — with Seal mysteriously left out of the line-up.

The network confirmed a fourth coach will be “announced soon” at its annual upfront program launch at Fox Studios last night.

9Now is only able to show live and on demand content in Australia and does not have international streaming right.

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All of the artists who have auditioned so far can sing and the judges are even supportive of those that they do not pick up for the next rounds.

For this reason alone I think this puts it in a class above Australian Idol.

Most of the recent talent shows that we have seen in Australia and overseas, while uncovering some talent, have tended to rely on ridiculing the hopes and dreams of wannabe singers.

Many recruited judges specifically for that purpose.

Aspiring singers perform auditions in front of 4 coaches who have their backs turned to them.

If a coach likes the voice they hear, they turn around, and the contestant then gets to decide which one of the coaches they want to work with.And then there were those who went all out with their suggestions of Pink and Mariah Carey. When you improvise, you put a lot of pressure on yourself to create, and to be generating information, and trying to be funny, but if you just listen to what's being said to you, and then react honestly, you generally get better results.This week, Channel Nine confirmed along with Delta, Kelly Rowland, and Boy George will be back on their spinning red chairs for the seventh season of Seal was nowhere to be seen when Channel 9 hosted their upfront event in Sydney on Wednesday, October 11th but Delta, Kelly and Sonia were out in full force.Back in July, following this year's finale, TV insiders claimed Seal could be difficult to deal with.“He spent the whole season lording his previous wins over everyone, saying, ‘I’m a superstar and I want things done my way,’ ” a source told *Woman's Day.Twelve finalists and/or future singers (six men and six women) who were selected from America, compete in a talent contest in which they were asked to sing any song they like on this "Star ...


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