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During Christmas 1985, British Telecom operated a free "ratphone" number on 0800 800 800 where fans could listen to Roland's prerecorded Christmas message.

Roland would also host the children's game show entitled Roland's Rat Race, where child contestants answered general knowledge questions in a race car setting.

The half-term week of October 1984 saw Operation FOGI (Free Our Glenis Immediately) which revolved around the gang's attempts - eventually successful - to liberate Glenis The Guinea Pig from her life in the pets department of Harrods.

Following enormous demand, the season was repeated across subsequent Sundays for the benefit of school pupils whose half term had not fallen the week of the series' transmission.

Roland Rat is a British television puppet character.

He was created, operated and voiced by David Claridge, who had previously designed and operated Mooncat a puppet in the Children's ITV television programme Get Up and Go!

Errol eventually joined Roland and Kevin on location at Christmas in 1983 for Roland's Winter Wonderland which saw Roland, Kevin and Errol enjoying a skiing holiday together in Switzerland.

The following year at Easter, Roland Rat hosted the show Roland Goes East set in Kowloon, Hong Kong, and covering the ill-fated film shoot of Roland's attempted movie debut, a martial arts film entitled Enter the Rodent.

Roland lives beneath King's Cross railway station in The Ratcave and also in Ratcave2 under the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles.

He has an infant brother called Little Reggie and had a relationship with a guinea pig called Glenis.

These series also featured Roland's parents, Iris and Freddie, his pet flea Colin, Fergie the Ferret, Eric the Eagle and his agent D'Arcy De Farcy.


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