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PM: Per comments, texts, and firsthand sightings in the field, we have word at least some have their power back already.

As we continue to check on high-profile West Seattle criminal cases making their way through the court system – the trial for Admiral stabbing suspect Kierra Ward has been pushed to next month.

Online court documents show that her lawyer requested the delay during a hearing on Friday, saying they still had a variety of work to do to prepare.

The verbiage for the bridge-exit sign is a little simpler, compared to what was on the old sign, as shown below in a Google Maps image from 2014: (The blurring in that image is Google’s, not ours.) As reported here two weeks ago, the previous signs had been removed due to windstorm damage, the city said, while noting one sign was planned for replacement anyway.

PM: Thanks to David Christensen for the photo, and everyone else who sent tips – if you are seeing smoke near Lincoln Park, it’s from that car fire on the southbound side of Fauntleroy Way. PM: And thanks to Heather Black for this photo: PM: At the scene, which is north of the main LP parking lot. We are told no one was hurt and no other vehicles were involved – the driver was just rolling along when he noticed there was a problem.

More than 3,000 customers are out, according to the City Light map.

PM: Roxbury is blocked by the emergency response, which is near Holy Family. SFD is investigating smoke coming up from a utility-hole cover.

So the city has commissioned a study to help figure out the public golf facilities’ future.

The study is under way, and at Thursday night’s meeting, the Parks Board got an update on how it’s going so far.

And the SFD log says it’s a vault fire at 22nd and Roxbury. Meantime, we’d suggest avoiding Roxbury in that area.

And remember that dark stoplights are all-way stops.

o There are opportunities to build partnerships and to use Seattle’s municipal golf courses to meet the needs of the growing Seattle population who need open space and recreation opportunities within the City.


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