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There is a segment of the world that might scoff at the wanton abandon for fun at play in Vin Diesel’s spy franchise.

“I can’t take it seriously” or “It’s dumb”, some may say.

The United States of America today witnessed an occurrence that the majority of us didn’t ask for and that we all deservedly have a necessity to be afraid of as humans with certain inalienable rights. Art as escapism, while being a practice in which I partake, is partially a misnomer because we will all find a way to relate our experiences to the events in our lives and society.

The art displayed in but that quality makes it fully capable of handling the absurd nature of our present, real crises. Caruso’s film is shot with the glee and fervor of a person discovering love for the first time.

From its foundation in 1768 the Royal Academy of Arts has provided a voice for art and artists.

We are an independent charity led by eminent artists and architects—the Royal Academicians—and we pursue our mission through exhibitions, education and debate.

James Turrell has innovated photographic techniques that allow light to have a physical presence.

Using holography to make the light itself the subject rather than the medium, Turrell creates colored light installations that appear to possess mass and take up space as planes, cubes, pyramids, and tunnels.

Like Xander Cage, Americans and the world “live for this shit” and we will find a way out of it. Just because we have amazing films like wasn’t actually a gloriously fun and poignant film about rebuking the system and finding a family you can count on. Everything from Diesel’s goofy gravel voice, Donnie Yen’s uber coolness, Tony Jaa’s weird rhythm to Nina Dobrev’s innocently violent awakening brings a cinematic joy that many rote studio blockbusters are lacking.

Not all big, dumb action movies are Great, big, dumb action movies and the heart displayed here is the difference-maker.

After beginning to paint in earnest in 1973 Hardwick has studied with a multitude of the world’s finest award winning teachers.


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