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We learn that Carlos is an up-and-coming lawyer, that Mae has some hidden past she is always running from, Laura lost her husband, who worked as a reporter, in Iraq, Damian is an almost limousine driver who has racked up some substantial gambling debts, Whitney's fiancé is cheating on her but still proposed to her, and that Steven is divorced and has a son and once was a respected photographer. Laura also watched the clip of her husband dying after an explosion and goes outside to mourn.

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It premiered on September 21, 2006, after Grey's Anatomy on ABC. Abrams, Bryan Burk and Thom Sherman serve as executive producers through their Bad Robot Productions banner. It is filmed on location in Manhattan and at Silvercup Studios in Long Island City, Queens, New York.

The show was created by Raven Metzner and Stuart Zicherman. The series was shown in Canada on Global on Wednesday evenings prior to the American airings.

It was due to air in early 2007 on ITV in the UK but didn't after it was cancelled by ABC.

It finally made its debut on ITV on May 28, 2008 where all thirteen episodes were aired.

In a game developed in 1994, players need to connect Kevin Bacon with every actor in Hollywood's film history in six steps or less.

Some notable personalities who have been shown to connect with Bacon in less than six steps include: According to The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia, Kevin Bacon can be linked to roughly 12 percent of Hollywood at any given time.

The idea behind the six degrees of separation is simple: If a person is one step or relationship away from each individual he or she knows and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the individuals he or she knows, then everyone on Earth is six relationships or less away from each other.

The background behind the six degrees of separation is broad, depending on which part of the theory you are studying.

He wanted to see how connections are made between individuals online (in this case through Facebook).

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