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13 humans in a room doing together what, to the outside world is taboo, but to those of us lucky enough to be there was a natural and incredibly enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.” ““Your arse is mine…bitch…You can scream ouch but a good girl does not swear.wack swipe…Look at me…oh you’re bashful…suck it but do not gag says one…suck it well and I like to hear a gag says another..

mm…keep sucking do it well who told you to stop…now bend over between us…I’m watching you…I’ve got my eye on you…kiss them..

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As an example, Governess Painless really made an impression, and truly opened my eyes to a style of play I’d not expected; an approach that seemed gentle even when it explored things I may have struggled to endure otherwise, but found delightful.

No harsh words were spoken; frankly, they are never necessary.

I turned up and was told to strip yet was wearing thong and light bra as had been exploring hybrid styles of cross dress clothing – they made me keep those on so I was made to feel self conscious throughout time as maybe a long time went by when I was cuffed to a cell door which meant I had to keep being aware that I was chained.

In a small cage later there was no way but to have to pose somehow on the floor in humiliation as you could not sit up.

to kneel…to take it.just be there…to suck strap ons and wanting to do it well, to please…oh the things they do not always report in these prison like reconditioning projects…wanting to please as one is spoken over whilst having to please two or three gorgeous wilful talented wardens.

They know how to use their assets, their looks their erotic power to get through to one…and still now am I waiting still in my mind to be led to a next experience still partly in bondage in my mind and at the feet of a warden wishing to gain approval and loving it if I do and taking the lessons given to me to be obedient, to be of use, to comply, to please, to take it, a new level of impact, a new way of taking it, to be done with as they will…And now marked, entered, made to react and wanting to,remembering and half dreaming it all again…..”“I’m going to be quite honest and say that I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the Beautifully Destroyed party.I felt free to explore things I might never have tried, in a way I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.I have no doubt the ambience created was entirely intentional, but I suspect it also lent to the intensity of the experience. I dropped into subspace very quickly simply because I felt safe enough to be truly vulnerable.However, what I will say is that I hit sub-space on two occasions and was introduced to and loved activities that I had previously thought were just not for me.This party was top notch and I will most definitely be back for more if I am allowed. I had been toying with the idea of attending a Domina Party for a while, but was apprehensive that it would it would not satisfy my specific kinks and fantasies.My memories of the afternoon are filled with good nature, intense sensation and the stretching of (among other things) my boundaries.


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