100 no cc hookup

Before we go any further, here's a brief warning: EL WIRES RUN ON HIGH VOLTAGE.

Don't worry, it's "only" 100V and very low current, so it's generally not dangerous. If you're careful, there's no reason for this to happen.

An EL inverter takes in low-voltage DC, and boosts it to the high voltage AC (100V, 1000Hz) necessary to make EL wire glow.

Spark Fun carries two inverters, a 3V version and a 12V version.

However, for smaller inverters such as our 3V model, you may want to plan your display so that the wires are short and you're not driving too many channels simultaneously.


Next, plug the JST connector with the two black wires (the AC output) into the Escudo's "AC FROM INVERTER" connector. tl;dr: If you're powering your Arduino with 5V or above, you don't need to do anything more.

If you're powering a 3.3V Arduino Pro with a Lipo battery, use your soldering iron to close the SJ1 solder jumper.

A note about brightness: The brightness you get will depend on the strength of your inverter and the total length of EL wire you're driving.

The less EL wire you're driving, the brighter it will be.

EL (electroluminescent) wire (and tape and panels) are neat products that emit light when high voltage is applied to them.

The plastic material glows like neon, but runs cool, is thin and flexible, and is available in a number of colors.

The regulator comes preset to 3.3V, which is ideal for this inverter, but it can be changed to other voltages for other inverters. 3V inverter (COM-10201) The 3V inverter has two JST connectors attached to it; a DC input (with red and black wires), and an AC output (with two black wires).


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