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) Upon arrival at Rao’s the Cheftestants met Dino the Chef, Frankie No, and Frankie Jr. This is legit Italian cuisine and a family run business where the same guy has been tending bar for 36 years.

The Chefs split into three groups – Antipasti (Antonia, Carla, Tiffany), Secondi (Fabio, Angelo, Richard), and Premi (Dale, Tre, Mike).

In 2005, he moved to New York City to open Morimoto with Masaharu Morimoto.

Talde competed in the fourth season of Top Chef in 2008.

After moving back to Chicago, he worked in the kitchens at some of the city’s finest restaurants including Blackbird, La Tache, and Trio.

Dale Talde (born October 25, 1978 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American chef best known for competing on two seasons of the Bravo reality television cooking competition series Top Chef: Top Chef: Chicago in 2008 and Top Chef: All-Stars in 2010-11. He currently runs the eponymous restaurant Talde in Brooklyn, New York. Talde graduated from the Culinary Institute of America.

If you love food and can respect the work that goes into making it great, a chef might be your perfect match. If the way to the heart is through the stomach, expect to fall in love immediately. Chefs are creative and inventive, always trying to come up with something new.

You’ll likely learn a lot about food and the food scene in your community. Chefs have incredible work ethic, having worked their way to the top and continuing to work long hours. When something goes wrong in the kitchen — or if a customer has a specific allergy that needs accommodating — a chef will remedy the situation. You can bless your date by turning the tables and cooking for him/her. Chefs know how to take charge, leading a team to success. Anthony was horrified that three talented chefs could “*&%@ up” pasta saying that it was like something you would serve at your worst enemy’s wedding.Luckily dinner ended on a positive note and the Primi dishes were a success. The judges loved Fabio’s chicken cacciatore, Carla’s minestrone soup, Tiffany’s polenta terrine, and Antonia’s mussels.Talde has traveled extensively, including to the Philippines, Spain and the Caribbean.

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