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But in this case, he incurred particular ire for having argued, via interviews and newspaper articles, that it was not just West’s fault that Iraq had gone into meltdown.

He pointed out that had Saddam still been in power when the Arab Spring began, Iraq would likely have been a far bigger, scarier mess than it is.

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Like every other argument about the rights and wrongs of the Iraq war, this can, of course, be debated endlessly.

Without the Iraq invasion, the Arab Spring, for better or worse, might never even happened, for example.

Or is the real man to blame one Tony Blair, whose decision to help America bring down Saddam Hussein is the root cause of it all?

Certainly, judging by some of the headlines from earlier this week, one could have forgiven for thinking that it was Mr Blair himself who was pulling the trigger on those hapless Iraqi troops.

The figures I’ve quoted above are well-known, of course.

But standing in a mass grave in southern Iraq brings it home to you – as did working with my old translator, a former army colonel who had commanded of one of Saddam’s tank brigades.

One thing, though, always seemed clear to me: if Saddam had already directed his armies to kill a million people in the course of my translator’s 20 years’ service, he might well have done another few hundred thousand had he been left in power.

And for that reason alone, we should remember that it is him, not Tony Blair, that is the real villain alongside ISIS.

Petite remise des pendules à l’heure avec un article de l’an dernier du correspondant diplomatique du Telegraph Colin Freeman …

Montrant qu’avec quelque 300, 000 victimes au compteur …

Et sans compter les quelque 50 000 kurdes dont 5 000 passés par les gaz à Halabja …

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