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Pedals of red roses had fallen from the blue blankets of the bed, creating a mess on the floor below.

For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com ****************** London, England Bed sheets rustled while the frame rattled up against the wall.

Once he was seated on the couch, Michelle situated herself right between his legs and was gazing into his face with her big blue eyes while she tucked her gigantic breasts over his long cock. Mmmmmmm, pump that big disco stick between ’em, ohhhhh yeah! ” Not once did Michelle break eye contact, still gazing up into his brown hues as she pumped her large tits up and down over his large fat cock. Michelle’s skills with using her breasts as weapons were on par with Lucy, but he would never compare them in the back of his mind. Once his cock was drained, she finally let go of her tits and wrapped the fingers of her right hand around it. ” Giving his rod a final kiss, Michelle got up from her knees while Luke remained laying there catching his breath.

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One thing that bothered him more than anything was to hear Michelle speak of Lucy like this, knowing that they had been best friends for a long time.

When he looked back at her, he knew just what he was going to tell her in response. You don’t give a shit about her being stuck with some sleaze ball rich asshole like Nigel Taylor?

Michelle Marsh had fallen in love with Luke and now she was spending every bit of time she could with him. ” Michelle raised her head up, her eyes remaining closed as she howled and cried out to him.

She hoped that he would forget all about Lucy after a few busy nights of steaming hot sex together, knowing that she had the body to truly seduce and drive this man wild. Her nails raked against his chest as she was already close to reaching her orgasm.

For now, Michelle indulged on the pleasure she received from his long cock thrusting up into her tight moist clit. A silver belly button ring was pierced through her navel and though he could not see her face, all he needed was the sight of that golden hair flying back and forth.

Michelle had proven herself right away to be quite the goddess in the bedroom, but his heart still belonged to another woman.

Light shined from the windows behind the bed, as the afternoon hours had moved into the day.

What had began as a small affair had quickly morphed into full passionate lust.

It was her idea to begin in the bedroom and some how end up in the living room where she preferred to save her tits to use on him last. Closing her eyes, Michelle embraced the warm feeling of his seed soaking her skin.

Michelle liked her titty fucking skills to finish him and end the night with a creamy mess over her firm skin. Licking her lips, Michelle moaned to the sound of his voice groaning while his cock was giving her a sticky pearl necklace while it was still tucked between her large boobs.

Before he could react, she approached him and kissed his lips. ” Suddenly, Michelle’s smile faded into a small frown. ” Luke sighed, shaking his head while she pushed her hands gently over his chest.


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