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I understand and realize you took time to have a child and deal with life in general but when is the new nikki going to come out??

Some of your sets have been outstanding but for the most part its the same old same old stuff you use to do at phils.

dont twist this around and dont fire off on me about being a noob. but as it stands, I don't think anyone so far can tell exactly what it is you think is missing. What exactly did that mean when it was posted on the site before it even opened. As I said in my opinion some of the sets have been outstanding but then the rest have been the same as what was done on PF.

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Plus she has stated that she WILL NOT do nude modeling, and she has a few topless sets because she is still non nude.

So what do you want to see different that is my question to you. Nikki could have easily said ok, fired from PF, baby on the way, modeling days over.

I said I understood her taking time for her family and also getting away from PF all I want to know is where is this more adult nikki that her site said was coming??

never once did I say anything about totally nude nor did I imply that.

A person who makes the decision to be "non-nude" and has paying customers should not be surprised that people will be wanting "more". I simply stated my views/opinions on a few things meant to be taken as something constructive.

What im not seeing is the more adult nikki that was said to be coming.Look at how much better her OLD material was please.She needs to get over one tit being bigger than the other and at least go topless.Hope you take this as a little constructive criticism and not as a flame. But after waiting for the site to open and your new material to come out, I must say I am disappointed.Are things ever going to change or are you content to just keep doing the same thing?? Nice word choice, not confrontational...might get a response.I don't think they're piling on you, not yet anyway. Not to stir the pot further, but there is a tone of a defensiveness that comes through some times in some posts by Nikki and others from the management team of your site. Some of the photos may be risky, but I think you mean risque.

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