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Jessica, 30, and Xavier, 32, are who currently based in the US.But you never dating what the future holds That film zoomed his career skywards in the film world and made him an international star.Check out the list of men Phoebe Tonkin has dated, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section.

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His final level of education got completed from Flinders University Drama Centre which was during the year 2005 and after which he started his professional career working into the industry.

He was taught by Julie Holledge who is a high ranked acting teacher and later he portrayed within Hamlet for his work.

His brother is also working as writer, actor and producer whose name is Benedict.

On similar to this his elder sister is also stage manager by her profession whose name is Bridget.

Xavier Samuel was born in 10 December 1983 at a place called Hamilton, Victoria of Australia.

Xavier is 32 in his age and he is an actor since 2003.Xavier completed his education from Rostrevor College during the early time.With the interest in drama and his interest made her to study in Christian Brothers College during the very time.Though now, he is single previous to this he was also in affair with his girlfriend Emily Browing during the year 2012 that lasted till the year 2015.In one interview he stated he is now in age to get married therefore he is searching for a best girlfriend to start their dating.It's not hard to get jealous of these men that Phoebe Tonkin has gone out with, so try your hardest to contain your envy.


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