Dating your boss pedal

BOSS has machines that test them by hitting this switch 100,000 times to see if they can withstand the abuse. (BOSS DA-2 Adaptive Distortion " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" class="size-medium wp-image-3103" alt="BOSS Stompbox battery access" src=" width="225" height="300" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 225px) 100vw, 225px" / There are actually two benefits to this one.

In the early days of guitar effects pedals, the only way to change the battery was to open up the entire stompbox, (which usually required finding a screwdriver and removing — and not losing — microscopic screws, just what you want to be doing on a dark stage at a gig or at a rehearsal) and exposing the entire circuit board in order to get to the battery, which was usually just hanging by its wires inside.

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If it is a USA model, it will say "Made In The USA" on the headstock just below or beside the B. The neck plates were pre-stamped and pulled out of a box at random when it was time to install the neck onto the guitar or bass. Rich instruments and also used the "BCXXXXX" numbering scheme as well as "RXXXXXX" for it’s imported models.

The Bolt On guitars serial numbers started with "BC" followed by five digits (BCXXXXX). Class Axe did make some USA instruments of very good quality.

The BOSS battery compartment is under the pedal, which is spring loaded, so when you unscrew the front of the pedal, it pops open, revealing the battery.

The other benefit is that the battery compartment is completely sealed off from the components, so if it ever leaks, it won’t contaminate or ruin the electronics.

When the original BOSS overdrive stompbox, the OD-1, was first released way back in 1977, it looked very different from any other stompbox of the day.

Where others were simple squared-off aluminum boxes crudely screwed together, the OD-1 was a smooth cast-metal body.

This system was used for the guitars distributed by L. In the late '70s as production grew, the serial numbers begin to get ahead of themselves since only 1000 numbers were available in a series.

Rich in 1974, a system of serial number coding began using a 5-digit code (XXYYY) with the first 2 digits indicating the year and the last 3 indicating the production number.

The USA bolt on guitars never followed the same serial number sequence as the neck thru models, which were numbered using the (YYXXX) format with the first two digits being the year, and the last three digits being the production number.

Also, keep in mind on the 2 3 (five digit) serial numbers, they got out of sequence in the early to mid 80's.

In other words, a guitar with serial number "84532" could have been made in 1982 or 1983, not 1984 as the number would suggest. Also, at some point in 1999 or 2000 the "Made In The USA" below the script logo disappeared on most of the guitars built. Rich models, both imported and USA handmades implement this same year time date stamp and guitar production number format: Current US-made B. Rich serial numbers follow the same year and guitar production number format.


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