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Every day, I have thousands of men coming to me for advice on how to get an ex back because of this very problem; they got lucky with a girl who just intended to use them for a while and she has now dumped him because she’s either bored and wants to find a real man, or she has already found a new man and is already sleeping with him.

I can help these guys to get their ex back, but if you want to avoid getting dumped or cheated on in the first place, don’t rely on “getting lucky” and then hoping that the woman will never realize her mistake and dump you.

Not all neighbors are the type who stand outside watering their front lawn every evening, or hanging out in the gym at an apartment complex a few times a week.

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This is a good move for a guy who is confident and alpha because the woman will be attracted to him, but if you’re a nervous, self-doubting, insecure type of guy, then it will be a bad move because she will not be attracted to you.

To attract any woman you have to be confident and masculine (in your thinking, behavior and actions) around her.

You will need to be mentally prepared to get up and make an approach at a moment’s notice.

Additionally, if your community celebrates things like Halloween or Christmas, you could always organize to go “trick or treating” with some of your nieces and nephews or walk around your neighborhood singing carol songs with the people who go door to door.

Some guys do the opposite of the previous mistake (pretending to have no sexual or romantic interest in her) and instead become too serious and forceful about wanting to start a relationship with her.

Guys who make this mistake often confuse being “confident” and “being an alpha male who goes after what he wants” with being overbearing and needy.So, your approach has to vary based on how easy it is to approach and talk to her.Apartment building: Try to cross paths with her in the elevator, in the foyer or lobby, at the communal gym or swimming pool.It may take longer for him to fall in love and find the one he wants to marry, but a man knows who he can sleep with and who he is going to make the extra effort for.If the degree in which you feel "in love" with him is greater than his interest in making the effort, he will take advantage of that (and you).Once you have made your neighbor feel attracted to you, it’s important to let her know that you find her attractive too.


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