Updating active cells into vba

Address lsst sich die aktuell selektierte Zelle herausfinden.

Geht das auch, wenn mehrere Zellen selektiert wurden?

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Dim regex Admin As Object Set regex Admin = Create Object("VBScript. Excel will intelligently copy the formula down to the end of the contiguous range that has data.

Meaning if A1-A256 has data with no blanks, it'll autofill to B256.

The match for J61 will always appear in column F of the searched sheet and the match for K61 will always appear in column B of the searched sheet. Once the row with matches on it has been identified on a sheet, I need the code to copy cell N61 on sheet QC Release and paste it into column J of the identified row.

The match we are searching for will only appear once on one sheet across all searched sheets.

Gre Franz Betrifft: AW: Meinst du vielleicht "Selection"? Gre Franz Betrifft: AW: Meinst du vielleicht "Selection"?

Und wie kann ich die erste und letzte Zelle von "Selection" bestimmen?

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You can also set custom patterns for it to recognize, such as lines of business you commonly repeat in stuff or cities you have retail locations in, etc.


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