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Still, Video Whisper plugin is great enough if you want to cover something from your workplace, to show the atmosphere from an event, or to introduce a product live.

It really depends on how much you are going to use the live streaming.

The most popular ones that come to mind now are Ustream, Livestream, Webnethosting, and You Tube. It’s a live video coverage app for smartphones, owned by Twitter, that lets you stream anything you like on your social media channels, with the mention that the videos are deleted after 24 hours.

Apparently, live streaming is not on the list because Word Press comes with its own free plugins that do a great job.

The most popular of them is Video Whisper Live Streaming that is simple to manage right from the dashboard.

Network A wired connection is better than a wireless connection.

Xbox Live Reputation Your account must be in good standing (i.e.

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The translations should not be considered exact and only used as a rough guide.This plugin has lots of great features and tells you everything you need to do to have it all setup.It is simple to use and helps you to successfully stream live videos on your site.To pick the right web host for your live broadcasting site or blog, don’t hesitate to do some advanced research before choosing one.For a better knowledge, you might want to read these articles: Sometimes, for a better speed, you could try a CDN to increase your site’s loading times considerably.Setting up any of these resources linked above is not difficult.


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