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A few statues, brick walls, and lots of their magazine covers blown up on the wall.And the food the chef brought around was excellent.

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As he was walking back to the kitchen with an empty tray, I heard him say, 'They're like vultures.

They're like carnivores eating everything in sight." A table was set up with cheeses, egg rolls, and other appetizers.

He'd tell you a little about the item before you grabbed it.

There was shrimp, steak shish kebabs, and smoked salmon.

The conversations varied among the people in this trade association.

I heard two guys talking about some bills that were being passed in Sacramento and San Francisco that could possibly affect bars and restaurants in San Diego.

He said, "I do know one real popular American tune you'll know." He went into "American Pie," and I said to my brother, "Great, he's going to be here for the next 15 minutes singing." The guy laughed and said, "I do an abbreviated version; it's only a few minutes long." When he left the table, somebody said to me, "When there's a person singing at your table, what is the proper etiquette?

At the Mexican restaurants in Old Town, I can't hear the people I'm with if a mariachi band is playing.

Since I don't work in the advertising department, I just kept saying, "Sure, that would be great.

I'll see what I can do." There was an attractive woman in her 40s standing near me the entire time smiling. I walked around the corner to the Bitter End for the next event. The guy who runs this, Andrew, was telling me a little about it. Then we ring a bell and you move to the next person.

Tickets were passed out that said the beer and wine were hosted, but spirits were sold separately.


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  7. From a blind obedience to authority while growing up, previews of Brians fractious relationship with the Establishment became evident at Georgetown.

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