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I felt the need to fine tune my profile before going public.As for how Dating Friend set up the process, it couldn't have been designed any smoother than it was.

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I shared many of the horrific experiences that others complain about with other sites, and honestly didn't expect too much to come from it.

I have to say, this site sparked a new found belief in internet dating!

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I probably wouldn't have had the courage to approach the girl I am with now in a normal public setting.

Even if I had the courage, my insecurities at the time would have blown it for me.

This left me more time to do what I originally set out to accomplish.

My only complaint was that it took a bit of time to get my profile looking acceptable, but that mainly lied on my end.

I strongly urge those that have had bad experiences with other dating sites to give Dating Friend a whirl! We have compiled a list of the best rated and most trusted dating sites similar to Datingfriend.

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