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I asked what would I get after I pay the premium she said that the Policy Certificate will be mailed to my home address. Paying thru credit card is made easy both on the merchant and the consumer, and it made merchants to charge real time.

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Lastly, when I asked for some brochures or leaflets regarding the offer they don’t have any.

By December 13, 2016, it will close to 13 Regions, 81 provinces, 1,489 municipalities, 145 Cities and 42,029 barangays.

I filled-up a sheet with some questions like what I want to have in the future, my financial status, basic information like my name and age.

Then she explained to me that the coupon I got is basically a free insurance from the savings.

The product is savings—she repeatedly said it was all about the savings.

It was not pure insurance though they give free insurance if you get the savings.

In terms of National Urban Television Audience Measurement, GMA maintained its strong ratings performance in the daytime blocks.

It registered 30.5 percent in the morning block, versus ABS-CBN’s 29.3 percent and TV5’s 12.2 percent.

My concerns about this Cocolife are: I would pay using my credit card. You can use your credit card to pay outright and then after one year, you have a choice to give the premium either monthly or annually through the bank. I must pay the initial premium 1-time with my card then choices afterwards. I asked if I can come back the next day because I have to get my husband’s decision on this matter. How can you decide on investing for a short period of time? It is a classified documents and should be handed to the owner at the moment payment was made.

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