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Stars are awarded for “five-timers.” A red hatchet man patch means the Juggalo has ritually killed an animal.

A blue hatchet man patch means the Juggalo has rendered an animal helpless and had perverted relations with it.

The Voodoo is the music that will put that spell on you when you hear it. Being that you’re a veteran emcee, what do you feel you were able to do artistically on that maybe you haven’t done before, or hadn’t perfected before? I didn’t have to focus on all the album’s production, promotion, etc. The album shows a growth from any other projects I’ve done.

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Hell, even Myspace conducted an interview with him! Define “digital voodoo” for us, what it entails, and if you’ve ever engaged in it?

In the interview, they ask him to define “digital voodoo”, his inspirations behind the album, his experience with Juggalos, and lots more! The album title is representative of the crazy Digital age we live in. What was going on in your life that inspired the content of the album? I wanted to engage in the Digital realms, and hit ’em all up with that Voodoo music.

Police have no leads other than the reports of witnesses and in the refuse found at the locations.

Empty plastic bottles of Faygo Grape Flavoured soft drink, clown makeup dispensing paraphernalia, and piles of miscellaneous garbage and marijuana “roaches” are being found strewn about the numerous crime scenes, all of which have occurred within a 40 mile radius of an upcoming Juggalo Riot scheduled for this weekend.

Juggalos are the deranged followers of the rock band Insane Clown Posse.

Their primary objective is to wield hatchets and frighten normal people wherever they go.

This behavior is considered a sacrament that Juggalos must perform to “earn their hatchets,” or patches that they wear on their jackets and hats.

Juggalos wear a specific hatchet man (or woman) patch which is colored to indicate specific acts perpetrated by the Juggalo.

I imagine you’ve seen a lot during that time, and performed at your fair share of Gatherings.

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