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In May, Indira Gandhi wrote to Nixon about the ‘carnage in East Bengal’ and the flood of refugees, burdening India.

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Pakistani army started its operation in East Pakistan to contain the movement and anger among the Bengalis.

It is reported that the army was involved in mass killing of public and mass rape of women.

They are plotting a war.’ The pressure increased in East Pakistan, which attracted Indian attention.

Indians were preparing for war and were concentrated on the Eastern front.

The article was written after a detail analysis of various sources.

All the relevant and immediate sources are listed at the end of the Article.” Before 1971, Bangladesh used to be a part of Pakistan as East Pakistan.The situation soon attracted the attention of many other countries.Thus the war later was not only between India and Pakistan, but many countries were involved in 1971 Indo Pakistani war (War of Liberation of Bangladesh) directly or indirectly.On November 4th and 5th she met Nixon in Washington.Nixon straight forwardly told her that a new war in the subcontinent was out of the question.Hearing this, on December 9, Nixon decided to send the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise into the Bay of Bengal to threaten India.


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