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C.), VE1FQ, has a long history dating back to its inception in 1933 and is one of the oldest amateur radio clubs in Canada.HARC can provide communications facilities to aid government agencies in times of crisis.

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Bill (VE1MR) passes on the following information: NEW ........ Some restrictions on the use of this special event callsign will apply and more information will be available in the September edition of the HARC Reflector, as well as on this website where a booking calendar for use of the callsign will be located. A copy of the 1959 edition of The Canadian Amateur was recently provided to HARC by Michel VE2TH; the whole of the edition was devoted to Amateur Radio in Nova Scotia.

HALIFAX AUXILIARY TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICE (HATS). The first general membership meeting of the Halifax Auxiliary Telecommunications Service (HATS) was held on the evening of Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017. It is a big document so it has been posted in two parts......read the documents --- follow this link.....

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When you open them you will see on the PDF Tool-Bar at the top right-hand corner, four icons; the left icon has four arrows pointing in different directions.

If you hover over that icon you will see "Switch to Presentation Mode".

For more information on how to interpret the above data, visit The Ham Breakfast will be on February 18th at 10am at Steak And Stein on Young Street .....

N0HR.com, or download the following ARRL document on Understanding Solar Indices. Please contact Gary Murphy (VA1GGM) to let him know you are coming. PLEASE NOTE: Work has almost now been completed on the VE1PSR repeater (147.270 ). HARC to Hold Special Event for the 100th Anniversary of the Catastrophic Halifax Explosion of 1917 -- All HARC members will have an opportunity to use the special event callsign CK100VDA for the period 2-10 Dec., 2017, the center date of which (6 Dec.) is exactly the centennial of the Halifax Explosion. 2017 Brit Fader Scholarship awarded to Bram Paterson - VA2XE ......more information on this announcement ----follow this link.....

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