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An RFP, in contrast, is published near the end of the evaluation process, after each finalist vendor (typically 2-3) has conducted its demonstrations or other proof-of-concept.

The vendors are asked to provide a cost proposal, along with their proposed license/subscription agreements and a high-level implementation proposal with costs and schedules.

We recently took the opportunity to combine those insights with survey data from our sister IT research firm, Computer Economics, to produce a new report, Avoiding Technical Bankruptcy in Legacy Systems.

They know how to manage projects, but not how to manage change.

It is not for lack of talk about change management.

We continue by quantifying the scope of the problem specifically for ERP systems, using our research on the typical age, frequency of upgrades, and extent of modification of these systems.

Most importantly, we conclude with recommendations on how to avoid technical bankruptcy and, for organizations that have reached this stage, strategies for getting out and staying out of technical bankruptcy going forward.

Too often, in carrying out new initiatives, business leaders can be very focused on getting the technical details right, while neglecting the people-side of the change.

For example, with ERP implementations we see companies investing the time and energy to select the right system but spend no time at all to ensure that the people who have to use the system buy in to the decision.

Then they wonder why, when it is time to start the implementation, employees resist moving to the new system.

Why do business leaders too often neglect the people-side of change?

The same business leaders have shelves full of books about change management, cultural change, and leadership.

But too much of what has been written about change management is theoretical.

After reading the book, the leader still doesn’t know what to do in terms of practical steps to take care of the people-side of change.


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