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And that’s not even why they call it the Holy City.Because Charleston has so many epic experiences, we’re starting you off with 50 places and activities—both old and new—that just might make your traveling heart go boom.Charleston, which is known for the many church steeples that dot its skyline, is experiencing a boom in more areas than one: restaurants, boutique hotels, bars, distilleries, retail, tech–and we’ve even tasted the smoky evidence of a very localized BBQ boom.

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Shoe shines, help packing and unpacking, an extra bag of Charleston Cheese Zingers—your trusty butler has you covered.

And speaking of zingers, be sure to spend quality time at the Spectator’s bar, where quick-witted bartender Allen Lancaster is as entertaining as the cocktail names on his menu.

This boutique has a golden reputation among fashion insiders, not just in Charleston, but nationally as well.

Carrying ready-to-wear looks straight from the runway, Hampden stocks party dresses by Roksanda, embroidered pouches by Lizzie Fortunato, bejeweled sandals by Marni and so much more.

Old World charm isn’t just in the 1920s-inspired décor at this Historic District hotel.

Each room comes with a butler, who’s at your service 24-hours a day.Stop by for 18th and 19th-century English china, as well as silver boxes and tea trays.Hit the harbor on the the Schooner Pride and you’ll catch uninterrupted views of Ravenel Bridge, see the city and its many church spires from a different vantage point, and possibly even spy a squad of dolphins.Scientifically speaking, yes, but we wouldn’t recommend it.Plus, the fact that they serve the Charleston Nasty (with fried chicken breast, cheddar cheese and sausage gravy, pictured here) all day, make it even harder to miss.A relic in its own right, this antique shop dates back to the 1920s, when George Birlant began his career as an auctioneer of high-end goods from prestigious estates in the area.

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