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Few have delved into who the Ramsey family really is—and what they did before and after Jon Benet’s death.Tidbits from their lives cast suspicion everywhere—and might hold the key to cracking the case.

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This has been touted as a sign that she was sexual assaulted, although her doctor insists that the irritation came from her bubble bath.

More troubling, though, is the 911 call made from the Ramseys’ house three days before Jon Benet’s murder.

On December 23, 1996, someone called the police from the Ramseys’ home and then hung up before saying a word.

The family wrote this off as “irrelevant,” but some have suggested that something might have been happening to Jon Benet.

Before he met Patsy, John Ramsey had married his college sweetheart, an elementary education major named Lucinda Pasch, in 1966.

The two were married for 12 years and had three children together: Elizabeth, Melinda, and John Andrew. In 1992, Elizabeth’s car careened into an oncoming truck on the interstate, killing her and her boyfriend.

The autopsy review, though, suggests just how much the police may have considered the Ramseys as suspects.

In the basement where Jon Benet was found, a blue suitcase rested by the wall directly below the broken window where an intruder may have sneaked in.

Since Jon Benet’s death, her family has been entangled in controversy.

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