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If you love to laugh, then definately go for the whole series.After a convention appearance gig turns out to be wildly unsuccessful and unpleasant, a group of cult horror icons find themselves reluctantly persuaded to haunt a trailer park.

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Earlier this week we told you about former "Dukes of Hazzard" star John Schneider's upcoming SMOTHERED, a horror-comedy that stars some of horror's biggest icons such as Kane Hodder (Jason Voohees), R. Mihailoff (Leatherface), Don Shanks (Michael Myers) and Bill Moseley (Choptop, Otis Driftwood).

Today we have a look at the cast of SMOTHERED with a cool cast photo, which you can check out below. "It's [about] a group of college students, and invariably one is the large-breasted blonde. they wind up getting systematically killed off by the large-breasted blonde. " Schneider developed the idea for SMOTHERED from real life experiences at trade shows, and hammered the script out last April, moving quickly into pre-production.

She has a choice to sell the ranch or pay $100,000 dollars to a man named Darden to keep the property in the film “Race to Win.” She will need more than courage to press on–she will need to win a local horse race as her entire family legacy is at stake.

With an upcoming barrel racing competition on the horizon, she entered with the hopes that she can be the family’s miracle. Well, if she can overcome the evil Darden, who plots against her, she can.

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The song was said to be written in ten short minutes.

In reality, however, the well-known lyrics of this classic ...

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