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I like to think my newsletter subscribers get value out of my e-mail, as I very rarely promote anything.

you can usually directly link to an affiliate offer).

It’s a different beast though, from what I’ve been told, so it’s best to do a little bit of research before you spend money on PPV traffic.

There’s a thread on Warrior Forum that gives you some good tips.

I don’t see this talked about too much within the MMO niche, but there are several sites that allow you to make money by answering people’s questions online (usually related to very specific topics).

Note: Many of these sites are selective about who they accept.

They want to make sure you’re going to send legitimate traffic to offers, and will often want to talk to you on the phone before they allow you to begin making money with them.

These are great for monetizing your blog/website, or using in conjunction with PPC/PPV ads.

In general, CPA offers allow you to be paid for someone completing an action.

Here are some places you can sign up to and you’ll be able to shop at many of your favorite stores AND get cash back (in addition to whatever your credit card gives you).

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