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By the end of this year, that number is expected to balloon to 202 million.China’s government is facing the massive burden of supporting its growing millions of elderly citizens at the exact same moment as a roaring urban economy is taking away the traditional filial support system.China is merely confronting the logistical nightmare of having to deal with it all at once.

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They have an anti-scam policy in place, and it is easy for users to report abuse.

It's the simple act of expanding the number of people you know by meeting your friends' friends, their friends' friends and so on.

A month ago, under China’s new law dictating that all adult children have to go home and visit their elderly parents "frequently," a woman in Wuxi was ordered by a local court to see her 77-year-old mother, who had sued her for neglect.

The ruling: visits every two months, plus financial support.

But it turns out you can buy that, too, or at least some semblance of it: in the two weeks after the new law was established in China, more than 100 new online elderly care providers sprang up on, one of China’s biggest shopping sites, offering services that included just dropping by for a chat. He still works as an artist, and he lives with his wife, who is a wonderful companion.

For now, they are busy with work and can’t find the time to visit us; we plan to see them next year.

It is a 15-hour-plus plane trip between San Francisco and Guangzhou.

For many Chinese, the trip by train, plane, or car to their hometowns is even longer, and prohibitively expensive.

(The law, I should note, makes no mention of how or whether it applies to elderly parents whose children live abroad).

Though millions manage to get time off to travel during the lunar new year holiday, migrant workers can labor for years before returning home for a visit.

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