Cams on blackbook

Viewers are encouraged to rethink their biases and visit the campaign website to learn more about reducing bias.

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Upworthy, a 2015 campaign launch partner, continued its support for Love Has No Labels by featuring “Fans of Love” on its social channels.

Tumblr is supporting “Fans of Love” by sharing the video with their Post It Forward community to amplify the campaign’s call to action to the user base at large, as well as hosting an Issue/Answer time in the upcoming months.

The campaign taps into the expertise of six leading non-profit organisations including, Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, American Association of People with Disabilities, AARP and Perception Institute.

To show their support for creating a more accepting and inclusive community visitors can use the “Faces of Love” tool by adding the iconic Love Has No Labels frame to their photos and purchasing Love Has No Labels merchandise in the campaign shop.

As the camera continues to scan the audience, it readjusts the framing to capture real families, couples and friends across different races, religions, genders, sexualities, abilities and ages.

Authentic reactions of surprise and support from real NFL fans at the event are highlighted in the video.

The campaign directs audiences to , which features a quiz to help people examine their own biases and resources on how to take actionable steps to rethink those biases.

An interactive “Fans of Love” video will present relevant campaign facts and links to educational content to audiences as they are watching the film.

The online video and TV spots feature the song “Show Me Love” (Skrillex Remix) ft.

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