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Today, T-Mobile US operates the 3rd and 4th largest wireless providers in the US.

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No customer should be without a phone for over 4 days and require 10 hours on the phone and in person to set up 2 new lines !!!! she also signed me up to get the rebate to be send to me in order for me to pay one of the phone off.

since the iphone 7 was 549.99 she said that i would get the lessor amount.

he explain it was a good thing that i wanted to change exchange the phone because i will be waiting and waiting for the rebate and i would not get it and he said if i waited even longer that it will be hard to make the correction.

i just want to make sure all this gets taken care of. please ensure that this matter will be taken care off.

so while i was in Kapolei i stop by the T-Mobile to do the return.

Daniel the store manager helped me out and he said he wasn’t able to exchange it because when the waianae store signed me up i would had to upgrade my plan and add another line. so if anything that is the mistake made by T-mobile .

A transaction took place today under reference #1839751145 involving TM employee Alexandrea Davis badge #3012794 on a recorded line.

Wilma Capote authorized T-Mobile to debit from Bank of America .74 to cover T-Mobile account and bring it up to date.

so when i got home i showed my husband what i got .


  1. Sure, but that’s not how things work, and you’re going to have to do that one your own.

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