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German theorists under von Schlieffen developed the first, tentative beginnings of the Operation ("Operativ") in the early 1900s and the concept of "Operational Art" was only fully realised by Soviet theorists including Isserson & Triandfillov in the late 1920s.Ignoring the actual concepts being proposed in those texts, all contemporary and subsequent US translations of these texts translated the term "Operation" as "Strategy".

It is not the only method available but is one that has been most widely used.

The examples below show how this method actually works with some Indo-European languages.

Since PIE left no written records, historical linguists construct family trees, an idea pioneered by August Schleicher, on the basis of the comparative method.

The comparative method takes shared features among languages and uses procedures to establish their common ancestry.

As a result, the reconstruction of PIE phonology continues to be a matter of scholarly debate and speculation.

Among the most notable reconstructions are those by August Schleicher, Karl Brugmann, Winfred Lehmann, Oswald Szemerènyi, and Jacob Grimm.

The cradle of the Indo-Europeans may never be known but an ongoing scholarly debate about the original homeland of Proto-Indo-European (PIE), may some day shed light on the ancestors of all Indo-European languages as well as the people who spoken it.

There are two schools of thought: It would not have been possible to establish the existence of the Indo-European language family if scholars had not compared the systematically recurring resemblances among European languages and Sanskrit, the oldest language of the Indian subcontinent that left many written documents.

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