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(I‘ve noticed also that the shemale references she has made have always been from the stance of domination and shemale dominatrix, like that shemale enforcer she wrote about in one of her BDSM stories.I think she likes their company and sharing slaves with them).

Like I said I’m not seeking to make fun of it, more wondering what’s the attraction and where does it come from.

I mean it’s not even really female its something female-like, so where does the attraction and idea come from. Grown men dressing up not so much like women but some kinda caricature of women where they are way overly femme and prissy, or even somewhat childlike in costume form. Like what’s the turn on and fascination, because I know that those who love this fetish really get into it deeply.

I started writing my last post with the intention of talking about some of the sissy audio clips Domina Amanda has done, and then some of my own thoughts about feminization, sissies, fetish behavior relating to it. That post turned into an epic, so I moved my rambling over here to a new entry. I’m not into feminization myself, and I’m not saying that to hide a closet attraction.

Let me state first that everything I’ve written here is me, not me repeating anything Domina Amanda has said. I’m not making fun of the whole sissy boy thing either, but it does seem strange to me.

Like I keep saying, I’m not trying to insult anyone, so if my phrasing is off, don’t read it that way because that’s not how it’s meant.

I’m into things people call “sick” so I’m not gonna start throwing stones at anyone (like femdom cbt).

It stands to reason some people would be born this way, just like so many other possibilities).

So it might not be the usual thing we are used to, but I can’t say it makes no sense, especially if it makes sense to those doing it.

And I know that not all sissies or cross dressers, or even shemales are homosexual.

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